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Children, Teddy Bears And The Connection

Children are innocent and free of blame. That is why it hurts adults when they are sick, hurt or afraid. We feel better when we are able to soothe them and make the bad go away. There are times when even our devout love can do nothing to help the pain and heartache a child may be feeling. When a child must undergo tests or an operation at the hospital. Parents are not allowed to be with the child while these necessary procedures are being performed. The child will often feel afraid, alone and abandoned.

It has been proven time, and again, the act of giving the child a teddy bear to hold and cuddle takes a good measure of these feelings away. There are several groups who give teddy bears to hospitals so they can be given to sick and frightened children.

Good Bears of the World is a non - profit organization which gives teddy bears to children of all ages, when love, and comfort will make a difference. Last year Good Bears of the world gave out 20, 000 teddy bears to victims of tornados, floods, hurricanes, and domestic violence. The bears were also given to many sick, underprivileged, and injured children. This list also includes lonely senior citizens. The teddy bears are given to policemen, firemen, psychologists, emergency workers, and grief counselors who have discovered the healing power the bears have on victims of trauma. Good bears is responsible for giving bears to the survivors of 9 - 11, the Oklahoma bombing, and the crash of TWA flight 800. If you would like to contribute to Good Bears of the World, the address is:

Good Bears of the World
P. O. Box 13097
Toledo, OH 43613

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has a Big Hero, Little Hero program. The mission of this program: To make sure every child has a Teddy Bear to hug when he or she needs one the most. The Vermont Teddy bear company and donations make it possible to donate teddy bears to police departments, fire houses and rescue personnel so they may distribute them to children in need. The bears are 13 inch and for every specially designed teddy bear bought through VTBC, 2 bears will be given to help a child. You may contact them at: www. vermontteddybear. com.

Other organizations have given teddy bears to children.

The Thorndike Press, located just down the road from Inland Hospital in Maine, donated 600 teddy bears to the hospital. These bears will be given to children who are sick, hurt, or frightened. The company pulled together holding a silent auction, bake sales, and hosting a drawing, among other activities. The proceeds were used to buy the teddy bears. Although Thorndike Press gives a charitable donation every year, it was decided to give the bears to Inland because of the sister of an employee. The child was in the hospital and given a bear to hold before having a treatment. Afterward the unconscious child was still clutching the bear tightly.

The next time you think about giving, think about the teddy bear and how far he can go to help a child in need of comfort.

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